A Little About Us

Neverending Games is but a small and humble game company that sprouted out of the heart of Indianapolis, Indiana. We have a hunger for creativity and a thirst for games. Our goal is to bring fun, memorable experiences to all audiences through our games.

Our Games

The king has tasked you, his trusted herald, to seek out heroes to go on a fantastical quest for the kingdom. But where on earth are you going to find a would-be ragtag band of heroes? The local tavern, of course!

In Rolling for Group, players roll a set of 6 six-sided dice, which they keep hidden from the other players - Each player only knows what they have rolled. The goal for each player is to roll a full party, consisting of all four hero faces - the Archer, the Mage, the Rogue and the Warrior; As well as at least one of the two transportation faces - the Horse or the Portal.

Players start off with 6 dice in hand, making the likelihood of rolling a full party pretty low. The more dice you have, the more likely you'll make that winning roll, so players need to win challenges and steal dice from each other to increase their odds.

So pour a pint, find some friends, and get ready to deceive and steal from each other as you forge your path to victory!

The Midnight Crew

Players: 2-4
Play Time: 45min
Age: 13+

Quiet streets, dim lights, and a clock striking twelve as the moon shines bright. The perfect night to have a heist is upon us, and it's up to you and your crew to get in, grab the goods, and pile back into the van for a clean getaway!

In The Midnight Crew, a group of 2-4 players set out to steal a number of treasures out of a museum without getting caught by security. Guard patrols, security cameras, and more await you and your band of thieves, so coordinating your actions with your team is critical to your success. Choose between a total of eight characters, each with their own unique power to give you an edge in the heist! Teamwork and cooperation are critical as time begins to dwindle, so think fast, but play smart!

Feeling lucky? Grab some accomplices, hop in the van, and make your way to the Vancee Museum, 'cause it's payday!